This year I am celebrating 30 years in the catering industry et oui…I started in 1982 – incroyable!
After 2 years at one of France’s top catering schools, I started my career at “La Pyramide Fernand Point” as Commis Sommelier.
I arrived in England in ’87 and started at “Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons” and only had 2 bosses in England – both with the same name Blanc and White…incroyable again I did 2 spells with Marco: from ’87 to ’91 and from ’98 to 2007

From ’91 to ’98 I had my own little hotel/restaurant in Burgundy, in the Maconnais area
and from 2007 you know the rest…


After gaining experience in Paris, especially with the famous Regine, Laurent arrive in London in 2000 and came to work with me and Marco in various places. My most trusted lieutenant; he shares my passion for good food and friendly, professionnal service. Always good-hmoured and ready for a joke, he is loved by everyone and is so much fun to have around, a corner-stone of L’Absinthe


Our Chef is part of the team that started L’Absinthe. After a classic training in France, he worked for Michel Rostang at the Meridien in Piccadilly then went to work for “Bellamy” and “The Bleeding Hart”. Passionate about classic French cooking, he is responsible for the lovely food served at the restaurant and oversees the cooking at the Deli, He is always ready for a challenge and is the heart and soul of our kitchen - another corner-stone of l’Absinthe


Incredibly talented – the artist of the family, Ilaria joined l’Absinthe in 2008 as a waitress and then went on to take over the running of the Spirit of l’Absinthe. She loves food (and red wine!) and has been a great inspiration behind the success of the Spirit.
Hard-working and very creative, she brings the sun from Italy to our venture and is always here to help out and make sure our customers are well looked after.


Pepette “buvette”
Pepette has been with us since the beginning, hard-working, funny, and very reliable – a fantastic waitress always ready to look after our customers, part of our 3 Musketeers: Pepette, Ilaria, Lupita – they are very efficient at work, but very dangerous after work….!


She has been in the family since 2008 and is the most reliable person I have worked with. She is also great fun and loved by everyone.We can always rely on her to deliver the goods and her passion for food and service is only matched by …no I can’t say it….!No challenge is too big for her and everything is done with a smile.